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Why we created RODIN

We live an active lifestyle and love to work out but have always struggled to find stylish, high-quality activewear that provides enough confidence to move freely. That is why we created our own.

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RODIN is a brand made for athletes

who want to bring style to their movement. With RODIN, you get fashion, function, and quality in each piece of apparel. All at once, always.

We test every fabric and every design ourselves, as well as on dedicated athletes, to check not only fitting but function: we've tried RODIN's workout gear at the gym, on the trail, on the court, and especially while petting dogs (it works just as well with cats).

In simpler words, you’ll look and feel great in stylish, functional, and supportive sportswear.

Woman in a white sports bra and black shorts
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RODIN is here to help you express your style with battle-tested activewear.
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Defy your limits with a bold attitude and clothes that match your movement passion.

Welcome to RODIN!

The inspiration for the name RODIN

Behind every brand, there is a story waiting to be told. Love and serendipity inspired ours.
Man walking his two big dogs

RODIN is a combination of our dogs’ names: Rogan and Odin. However, the idea didn't just spring from our affection for them. We wanted to pay tribute to our best friends, that’s for sure. But more than that, we wished to highlight love as the mighty force that makes us thrive and never give up.

Man's lower body, sitting and training at the gym

Then, after we chose the name, we realized it was related to an outstanding artist: Auguste Rodin. Rodin is the father of modern sculpture, best known for portraying the human figure in artwork like The Thinker, The Kiss, Adam, and Eve. He defied the established style of his day and broke up with the French academic canon, aiming to celebrate individual character and physicality.

This is a beautiful coincidence because, like Rodin, we think of training and exercising as a way of ‘working in our own sculpture’ physically and mentally. Besides, we also want to challenge the current style culture, promoting sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion market.

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