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Making a

We are committed to pursuing innovation through our design, fabrics, manufacturing, and sustainability.


There is more to RODIN’s thoughtfulness than just the design.

We bring that dedication to every aspect of our process, from fabric selection to manufacturing. 

All our fabrics are sustainable (plant-based or recycled) or have a clear path to becoming fully sustainable shortly.
RODIN currently uses 80% sustainable fabrics, intending to be fully sustainable by 2025. It is not an easy journey, but it is necessary.
Through continuous investment in fabric innovation and production methods, we are confident in hitting our target while still delivering the fabrics our athletes come to count on.


Our commitment to building a brand you can be proud of continues with the manufacturing.
That is why we have coupled with a small manufacturing team from Medellin, Colombia, that carries our same passion for a fair and empowering workplace. You can tell that by their higher-than-local average wages, healthcare coverage, and commitment to paying continued education to their employees.
We are proud of making this team part of the RODIN family, as their talent is surpassed only by their passion for what they do. We work side by side with our team sharing home-cooked meals and continuing to inspire one another to grow.

We can attest that there is not one item this team touches that they do not put love into. They make clothes for their family, the RODIN family. And as a family, we encourage each other to give it all and work for each other’s success.

We want to give our best to you, too, so you can perform at your best. Come and join the RODIN family!


Our commitment to building a brand you can be proud of continues with the manufacturing.

As you may know, several major brands use large-batch manufacturing due to the cost benefits (simply put, it is cheaper). Although in this case, we firmly believe cheaper does not mean better. 

Large-batch manufacturing creates literally tons of waste in the form of unusable/unsold clothing. This overflow is usually sent directly to the landfill. So we avoid this situation by choosing small-batch manufacturing. 

What is more, large-batch manufacturing also leads to an unethical work environment. In these dynamics, the push to get as much product out runs over the well-being of the community manufacturing it. 

So, every time we announce a new print or limited color release, jump on it because once they are gone, they are gone for good!